Interview with Jacqui Shek - Series 2 of 5


I know one of the most dedicated trainers, Jacqui Shek, is also passionate and caring about her students' well-being. It was an honour to have her with us on-set for an exclusive interview of her journey into fitness and well-being. She explains that fitness helped her recover from an illness and improved her overall health and mindset. We applaud her for sharing her experience and giving us a glimpse of her journey. She is now an accomplished spin instructor at XYZ in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong. You will also find her inspiring younger students at 110, one of XYZ's sister companies, where she positively impacts Hong Kong's young adults. Jacqui is also a personal trainer at HIT PT; it's a challenging and intense workout, but it's rewarding to see the transformation. Strength and endurance training are the key to the fountain of youth.

Her charismatic character captivates, and it attracts followers and inspires people to action. She is capable of motivating people to transform into better versions of themselves. She is very good at communicating with her students and is approachable and helpful when they are struggling through an exercise. She does a great job inspiring her many loyal followers, and she is one of my most sought-after trainers. I'm always amazed at how she can teach a class while spinning—not only talk the talk but walk the walk (or spin the spin😊). Being a coach means she has to have a lot of confidence and be very comfortable in her skin. I particularly enjoy the classes when she mentions someone on the speaker to encourage or praise them for pushing harder. These qualities make her authentic and give her reason to feel proud. She is a great leader to follow, and she continually strives to improve others and herself.

Jacqui shows us how she uses her Karner Oregon backpack. The burgundy is a fun and vibrant colour that matches her style and character. Wherever she goes, she has her water bottle and favourite travelling hairbrush in particular compartments, and she uses the laundry bag to store her workout gear afterward. The separate shoe compartment comes in handy for keeping an extra pair of sneakers or cycling cleats, depending on what's required for her classes. She carries her yoga mat for stretching, and the Karner gym bag has a mat carrier for it. The rear compartment holds and protects her laptop.

We appreciate her support of our gym bags, and this is motivating us to become a better brand and provide better services to our customers.