Life Changing Experience


This whole year's work has been challenging, and I've neglected my health. I have been gaining body fat, and I haven't been well. It's been too one-sided with weekend drinking, unhealthy meals, and a destructive lifestyle. I had to do something about it to regain control over my life.

Luckily, a friend introduced me to CrossFit, which changed my life. It was gruelling at first (still is)—especially the mixture of cardio, strength, and mobility, which was a great deal to take in all at once. I had to train up to my current capacity to take on more weight and reps. After a few more attempts, I'm now hooked and officially a "Crossfitter." My stamina gradually increased, and I adapted to more types of movements. Unlike weight training, where you focus on muscle groups, CrossFit allows the body to get more skillful with each activity. Technique always prevails in exercises such as rings, snatches, and clean movements. For long-term gains, the key is consistency.

The box I go to is in Tai Po, about 40 minutes from Prince Edward, Kowloon side. People wonder why I commute to this particular box; the reason is that the community and trainers there are approachable and patient and offer their expertise without hesitation. The people and environment compel me to go there and push my limits. Crossfit is a highly addictive sport; not only is it physically demanding, but it's also a mix of problem-solving and mental toughness.

I remember going in for the first class. I weighed in at 87kg with 30% body fat. It wasn't a good look, but after a few months of attending a course about 3–4 times a week, I noticed my metabolism increased, my body fat was reduced to 18%, and I felt lighter. The problem was I cut carbs out; although this was effective in reducing body fat, I was losing weight too fast. I purposely lost body mass to 73kg and felt too frail, so I slowly gained some mass. I've learned that it's not the carbs that make a person gain weight but the total calorie consumption. It's a myth that carbs alone would make you retain fat. Sugar always plays a role in weight gain.

I love the positive mindset that everyone brings to class, and it grows on you. Crossfit is more than just a gym; it's a community around which I base my lifestyle.