Spinning To A Healthy Lifestyle


I wanted to try indoor cycling because it's fun and a total body workout to improve my stamina and boost my endorphin levels. It's a full-body workout that I add to my Crossfit routines on off days. Also, it is highly efficient; within 50 minutes, I can burn up to 500–600 calories depending on my condition. I guarantee you that if you do it, you'll feel refreshed by the end of the class.

Rhythm cycling works on all of my major muscle groups. I feel the burn in my core that helps stabilize my body throughout the class and achieve overall balance, especially when standing. My instructor incorporates some upper body movements with the dumbells to work the shoulders, deltoids, and arms. Keeping the spine straight throughout cycling helps one develop a strong back. I feel the side-to- side movements in my glutes, working with each pump while standing with the setting at a higher resistance. My quadriceps always come out burning from spinning on a higher resistance, which helps them stay strong.

My hamstrings feel good after and are not strained as they are loosened up after each pedal stroke and it is easy on my knees. Some days, I push myself until my calves cramp; not a good feeling, but I know I have made my limit for the day. No matter how much I stretch before class, they are usually the first to get fatigued.

What is unique about the XYZ spin community is the combination of rhythm, tempo, and duration of the music to the pedalling movements, almost like the choreographic movements of a dancer but in sync with the pedalling. I always look forward to Jacqui Shek's class because she has the right intensity and music that resonate with me to power through my spinning. I love dancing to hip-hop and EDM; combining it with cycling is the best of two worlds. I love JQ's classes because she'll have a section almost to meditate on and allow myself to spin freely to clear my mind daily. It is a great way to give my mind a break and feel refreshed. It has helped improve my cardiovascular endurance and added more capacity to handle more of my CrossFit routines.

My handy Karner gym bag has separate compartments that carry my shoes separate from my gym gear and water bottle compartments to keep my water cool. All are easy to access with YKK zippers.