Around The City


Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic cities I've lived in. There is a growing sense of health-consciousness among the locals, from fitness gyms to healthy foods to nourish the mind and body. This has been an increasing trend since I moved here 10 years ago, and there has been an uptick during COVID times, from the bustling city life to the harbour and greenery found in tucked parts of the Soho area or the whole of the New Territories. We wanted to take shots throughout Hong Kong to capture its charm.

Victoria Harbour

Located between Hong Kong and Kowloon is Victoria Harbour, a deep water port. Hong Kong's modern cityscape is one of the most exciting and unique in the world. The Hong Kong skyline is the tallest of any city. Like its harbour and skyline, the Karner gym bags are modern and sophisticated. The yoga mat side carrier comes in handy, providing easy access to the water bottle and shoe compartments. The adjustable carrying strap and shoulder straps make carrying easier.

Infinity Thai Boxing & Fitness

Stretching poses promote flexibility and relaxation. They target all the body's major muscles, including chronically tight ones in the chest, shoulders, back, arms, hips, and legs. For more rigorous training, Thai boxing is good for self defence. It teaches you to use all your limbs for fighting—Karner in collaboration with the boxing club.

Polytechnic University

We chose to shoot at Polytechnic University because of the fluid internal and external forms that stretch across the whole structure, making it an intimate scale. These elements have the same qualities as the Karner bags, with the classic duffel and backpack turning them into iconic seamless designs. The unique yoga mat backpack and tote bag carrier are hidden to keep it minimal.



Professionals work in an office or home environment, handling tasks and making tough decisions. After a hard day's work, some want to go to the gym to release their stress. The Karner bag is tough enough for the gym but still maintains a sleek and professional style for the office. The multiple compartments make it easy to access.



The area is vibrant, with antique shops, cafés, basketball courts, boutiques, tea houses, posh restaurants, and unique bars all around the nostalgic neighbourhood. The art and fitness community complements each other in harmony. We wanted to capture that same balance of creativity and sporty feeling into our Karner bags. We are recreating that HK lifestyle and encapsulating it into our Karner brand.