Karner Bags to Backers


We were running out of time! We were anxious to get these bags finished on time. There were some communication difficulties, and we had had to redo some of the Karner bags during the earlier segment of the manufacturing process. The factory mixed up the materials' colours for the Oregon Backpack and Monarch Duffel gym bags but quickly rectified the problem. Luckily, I had my team in Shenzhen to help with the quality control.

Our supporters have been patiently waiting for their bags for the past year. Production was delayed further when COVID hit in late 2019 and 2020, forcing global manufacturers to halt production. During these difficult times, we had to wait until the beginning of 2021 for factories to be back at total capacity.

We were fortunate that cases were dropping during these times in China. People were free to cross provinces but still very slowly and not up to speed, while other countries were beginning to be affected by COVID, and their economies were slowing down. Once the bags were delivered to our office and fulfilment center in Hong Kong, I was more at ease and happy to see all my babies ready to be delivered. Even though gyms were still on lockdown,

I wanted to hand-deliver the Karner bags to my customers in Hong Kong as a form of appreciation. It was essential for us to establish a good relationship with all our customers, domestically or worldwide. For those who chose to trust us with their pledges—I knew who they were: Thila from Thailand, Fernando from Los Angeles, Enders from Taiwan, and Kathy from the UK, to name a few. It was my pleasure to meet Louie, Philip, Billy, Avery, John, Chek Gar, and Suresh in HK to thank them as they were the first to support me through this journey. Our community is a diverse group of people who work and head to the gym to achieve more gains. They enjoy using our bags because they are small but reliable in holding all their workout and work stuff. These are real people who are part of our Karner community.