ATMA Fitness Crossfit In-House Event


The event, in a way, tested the skills that we'd been training throughout the previous months. It was also a great way to meet other members at ATMA and team up with the coaches, which made it more memorable. We didn't know what to expect and were a bit anxious to get started. We were focused on getting the burpees and air squats in sync. The second part was taking turns with the wall ball, deadlifts, and wall walk.

We had our videographer capture our team in action and highlight the Karner spirit. In some ways, our brand beliefs and views are aligned with ATMA Fitness. It was a great way to bring the community together and lend themselves to teamwork. Several obstacles must be overcome for a team to complete the movement.

Everyone was very supportive of each other, which was what we wanted to achieve, but what was more important was the team's goal. We set aside our pride and ego, made everyone feel included, and worked towards the team's goal. We all improved our skills and were part of the process.

Everyone gave 100% effort. We shared our weaknesses and tried to overcome them before the competition, but most importantly, we trusted each other. A strong and positive mindset is good for the team's growth and helps individuals gain more over time.

Both elite and novice athletes worked together to face their challenges during the fun WOD. Our team worked hard to meet our challenges, but it was more for a fun experience than a serious competition.