Karner Challenge Events


Karner and iVent teamed up to promote our brand from the downtown Soho area to the New Territories in Taipo. Each lucky winner would receive Karner bags, the Monarch Duffel, and the Oregon backpack in black or burgundy.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial fitness is a way of stretching and decompressing the spine naturally. Amy Yau and her students participated in a quick challenge to carry Karner backpacks to counterbalance the aerial movements. Special thanks to Amy Yau, Kristie Lam, Priscilla Mok, and Isabelle.


Utime Fitness

We gave away free bags to the winners of events where the contestants had to carry their bags while doing a movement, such as pull-ups and squats. Louie, a trainer and the contestant who won the push-up challenge, received a bag. Philip, Suresh, and Billy all won bags for their efforts in the pull-up and squats challenges.


ATMA Fitness

Earlier this year, ATMA and Karner held a fitness challenge at ATMA Fitness in Tai Po. The athletes competed in a series of events during the challenge (standard CrossFit workouts consisting of conditioning exercises), but all of them included Karner fitness bags. The first event required the challenger to pack the bag and climb up the rope in the shortest time. The second event was a 20 m dash to the finish line while carrying the duffel bag. The third event was burpee box jumping, and the athletes had to wear their backpacks while conducting the exercise. The fourth event was to hold a squat position while holding the duffel bag with 2.5kg weights inside. The winners were awarded bags for their hard work and participation, and those who did not receive bags were given discount coupons for their next purchase at ATMA Fitness.