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Elevate Your Game

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We are all in a constant grind, pulling out the warrior within us. Though we all wish that our work hours would breeze us by, we know we need to work hard and workout harder to attain a stress-free lifestyle. 

So, many are commuting from their home to work and work to workout routes with backpacks, duffel bags, handbags, or a combination of totes, drawstring bags, gym bags, gear bags, messenger bags, and even rolling carry-ons. It's not their best preference, but it hasn't been easy to find the bag that suits their needs. 

People are looking for a bag with the necessary compartments, flexible for their range of belongings. They wish to organize their laptops and USB charging bank, along with their workout clothes, shoes, and even drinks and toiletries. Many just want comfortable shoulder-straps and backpack-straps, so their large duffel feels less like baggage and more like a simple daypack. But the majority of products in the market that have the space look large and bulky. These products would never fit their work clothes or personal style. 

Here at Karner, we believe the solution is to have the perfect bag. A bag that is reinforced with durability and quality. A bag that can carry both of your work and gym essentials with style. 

Oregon Backpack

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Karner The Superb Organiser

Our Oregon Backpack’s signature drawstring pocket beats out any regular gym bag. Perfect for yoga mats and other rolled-up items, the Oregon Backpack also comes with a hidden wallet compartment, a shoe compartment, a tech compartment, thermal insulated padded side compartments, and more! All safe-kept with a water-resistant YKK zipper and a durable PU pull, easily find your belongings within this spacious interior, and enjoy dedicated spaces for both your toiletries and garments.


Elevate Your Game

Ultimate Daily Companion for The Urban Warrior