The Development Process

We have produced countless iterations, sketches, and prototypes to refine our search for the perfect
custom fitness slash workbag. The process of conceptualization, prototyping to production stages
took ten months, finally resulting in a holistic approach.

First Generation Duffel

One of the first prototypes to test size and proportions and function of the Monarch Duffel. We were experimenting with rivets for more sensual appearance but was cumbersome and not right approach.

Second Generation Duffel

The design was originally intended for the arc to dip lower but decided to raise it to fit more things in the Monarch duffel. Also the chrome buckles were first intended to be placed on the exterior but we opt for G-hooks. The sleeves are tucked away in the hidden compartment to make it more discreet.

Second Generation Backpack

Taping and marking the backpack prototypes are a common practice to effectively communicate changes. In this case we wanted to increase the length of the compartments by visually taping the size we wanted to change.

Hardware Details

We treat our Karner bags with the utmost care. Each stitch and each zipper is carefully monitored so that we not only deliver a durable bag to our customers but a product that they can reply on as their partner in the urban city everyday.

Color Materials and Finish

Invest in an essential that can last you a long time. With a focus on quality and durability, all of our Karner bags and made with high-quality fabrics and YKK Zippers that are all water-resistant. It's no wonder why backers have pledged for our campaign, making our designs now a reality.

The Highlighted Features

The Karner bags are literally an all-in-one designs, specifically made for those who work hard and train hard! With a hidden mat holder, shoe compartment, an inner padded pocket for a laptop, spacious for your gym wear, a USB charging port and a handy wet bag the clean design makes the bag functional and fashionable at the same time.

Easy Access

To make our new Monarch duffel and Oregon backpacks even more accessible we’ve incorporated a G-Hook that would easily secure the yoga matt in place.

Monarch Compartments

The Karner Monarch is designed to keep your work things and gym gear organised. It is divided into 4 major sections to make your life easier with a shoe compartment, thermal insulated compartment for your water bottle, main middle compartment for your clothes and work things.

Oregon Compartments

The Karner Oregon is made up of 5 compartments for shoes, gym wear and accessories, water bottles, laptop and yoga mat.

Material Quality

Our Karner bags uses the finest fabrics and go through product testing to ensure quality with the outer lining made from durable 600D Nylon with polyurethane clear coat. The inner lining of durable polyester and padding for extra quality and comfort.

Yoga Matt Sleeve

The Monarch duffel yoga sleeve it is unrolled and pulled out of the bottom compartment then unravelled to place the yoga matt on then rolled into place and the straps would hooked in for a secure fit.